Welcome to Grannus

Who We Are
Grannus was formed and funded in 2012 to develop polygeneration power plants.

Founded to pursue polygeneration opportunities worldwide, the company is led by an experienced management team with decades of global experience and over 8,000 MW in completed projects.

What We Do
Grannus follows a path of applied innovation whereby we constantly seek to identify new technologies that create production cost advantages and help to bring these innovations to market.

By leveraging our experience with both existing and emerging technologies, we improve projects through efficiency capture and improvement in process engineering.

  • Our Mission

    As a next generation company, Grannus actively seeks a "portfolio shift to green" throughout its development pipeline.

    Implementing this philosophy means that we work to make each project we undertake greener than what it replaces, thereby doing our part to move the world towards a sustainable future. We aim to do this through process innovation, integration of renewables, combined heat and power, clean fuel production, greenhouse gas reduction and sequestration, byproduct utilization, and emission credit creation.
  • News

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