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Grannus Enters into Long-term Ammonia Offtake Agreement with CALAMCO

Grannus Enters into Long-term Ammonia Offtake Agreement with CALAMCO

Grannus announced today the that they have entered into a long-term master offtake agreement with CALAMCO for the supply of ammonia-based fertilizer for the entirety of their needs. This agreement allows Grannus to build one, or more, projects to supply CALAMCO’s demand at mutually agreed locations.

“We have been a long-term investor in Grannus dating back to 2014 as we sought an avenue to source ammonia locally in California to reduce our exposure to transportation costs and risks associated with international supply”, said Dan Stone, CEO of CALAMCO.

About Grannus: Grannus was formed in 2012 to develop and bring to market next generation hydrogen and ammonia production process technology. Grannus’ patented process replaces the traditional steam methane reformer with a more efficient partial oxidation boiler. This novel process creates synthesis gas at the lowest emissions level in the industry at efficiency levels exceeding existing best-of-class plant designs. For more information, visit www.grannusllc.com.

About CALAMCO: CALAMCO is a California-based cooperative made up of over 900 grower-members from throughout California, as well as fertilizer dealers and our industry partner, the J. R. Simplot Company. Since its inception in 1957, CALAMCO shareholders have been enjoying the benefits their stock has entitled them.