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Grannus selects Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions for technology and services

Grannus selects Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions for technology and services

Grannus selects Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions for technology and services at environmentally sustainable ammonia plant in California


TUCSON, AZ (Nov. 2, 2016) — Grannus, LLC, announced that Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions, the engineering and construction business of Air Liquide group, will license technology and provide engineering services for the production of hydrogen at its regional-scale advanced ammonia plant to be built in Kern County, CA.

The Grannus plant features a patented, ultra-low NOx emission natural gas to ammonia process. Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions will license oxygen-based Lurgi GasPOX technology and associated gas clean-up technologies, including a pressure swing adsorption unit (PSA) to produce high purity hydrogen required for the ammonia process. In addition, Air Liquide Global E&C solutions will prepare process design packages (PDPs) for the natural gas to hydrogen process.

The Grannus plant is expected to operate below all applicable California air quality control standards. This will be the first ammonia plant to be built in California in more than 60 years and will be operational in 2019. The Grannus plant will produce 250 tons of ammonia per day, which represents approximately 40 percent of California’s agricultural ammonia consumption. The regional scale design will provide farmers with local supply, at the same time allowing them to reduce transportation costs and associated risks.

Grannus’ revolutionary plant concept and manufacturing design produces nitrogen fertilizer and generates power while emitting virtually no criteria air pollutants. Combining partial oxidation (POX) combustion, power generation and near zero emissions, Grannus’ next generation plants reduce natural gas consumption over leading state-of-the-art plants allowing for reduced operating costs.

Matthew Cox, CEO of Grannus, LLC, (said) “We’re delighted to partner with Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions in the development and delivery of our first plant, as their leadership in industrial gas and chemical technologies coupled with their worldwide presence significantly strengthens Grannus’ market entry ability.”

Chad Briggs, Vice President of Sales and Technology, Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions said “We are proud to support Grannus with our leading industrial gas and hydrogen technologies for this environmentally sustainable ammonia production plant. We believe that this technology has potential in many markets worldwide.”
About Grannus
Grannus was formed in 2012 to develop and bring to market next generation ammonia fertilizer production process technology. Grannus’ patented process replaces the traditional steam methane reformer with a more efficient partial oxidation boiler. This novel process creates synthesis gas at the lowest emissions level in the industry at efficiency levels exceeding existing best-of-class plant designs. The company intends to increase plant capacity designs to ‘world-scale’ and expand into adjacent markets including hydrogen, methanol and other down-stream chemicals.For more information, visit https://grannusllc.com/.