Grannus Double Winner in CTO Rocky Mountain Region - Grannus :: Zero emissions combined fertilizer and thermal power plant
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Grannus Double Winner in CTO Rocky Mountain Region

Grannus Double Winner in CTO Rocky Mountain Region

TUCSON, AZ (Nov. 12, 2013) – Looking to use technology to transform the world, Tucsonan Matthew Cox, Chief Executive Officer, and co-business principal James Kelly Merritt, Jr., Chief Development Officer, have taken a moment of insight and a lot of hard work to create a new low-cost, low-impact, no-emission fertilizer process.

Their company, Grannus LLC, has captured the national spotlight and will compete in the Chemicals and Advanced Materials category of the Cleantech Open Global Forum Academy Awards, set for Tuesday through Thursday, Nov. 19, 20 and 21, in San Jose, CA. Grannus’ process is considered green technology because it reduces greenhouse gas emissions from traditional fertilizer production and produces electricity. Its distributed and scalable size also reduces the need for international transportation of fertilizer.

“Urea is a $60 billion global commodity that is critical to maintaining a stable and reliable world food supply. Our ‘Grannus Process,’ is a global market-disruptive technology that brings fertilizer production closer to farms and produces energy for rural communities,” Cox said. “In addition to agriculture, this patent-pending process produces urea, a product that can be used in a variety of industries from cosmetics to flame retardants.”

To enter the national finals, Grannus won the Rocky Mountain Region Sustainability Award, competing with 17 companies in 5 states. The regional win provided Grannus a generous cash prize and in-kind business development consulting worth approximately $20,000.