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Cleantech Emphasis

Grannus is a Cleantech Project Development Company focused on selecting technologies and processes that improve the project’s environmental profile while simultaneously delivering attractive returns to stakeholders.

Proprietary Process Technologies

Grannus has commercialized its patented multi-feedstock Grannus Process™ gasification technology that has been designated Best Available Control Technology (BACT) by the U.S. EPA for the production of both ammonia and hydrogen. Grannus Process™ plants can utilize a variety of carbonaceous feedstocks including natural gas, petcoke and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

Partnering for Successful Outcomes.

Grannus’ principles have extensive experience in building consortiums of companies to design and build ‘clean-tech’ production and renewable energy facilities. These consortiums supply key engineering, construction and processing equipment to its projects.

Wide Ranging Experience

Grannus has built relationships with a number of Tier 1 companies that will supply key engineering, construction and processing equipment. It is our intent, in working with our partners, to design and build ‘clean-tech’ syngas, hydrogen, ammonia, and other downstream chemical manufacturing plants that produce virtually no emissions and exceed the efficiencies of today’s best-in-class design at a fraction of the size.