Project Development Services - Grannus :: Zero emissions combined fertilizer and thermal power plant
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Project Development Services


Site Control, Permitting and Interconnection

Selecting a premier site requires due diligence and experience to find sites with optimal infrastructure, minimal impact to neighbors and environment, and sound intermodal transportation options to move commodities and feedstocks. The Grannus team has significant experience with hundreds of projects giving us the experience to optimize permitting methods, interconnection process outcomes, tools, and networking to accelerate development of successful international projects. As a recognized leader in clean technology, we have access to the best resources and expertise to deliver a bankable project.

Project Structuring

Grannus has decades of experience structuring and negotiating feedstock, off-take, EPC agreements to meet the requirements of global long-term capital sources, whether institutional, strategic or financial.

Plant Design and Consortium Development

Successful projects are a merger of site selection, technology choice, and proper development process management executed by a high-quality consortium of service providers. Because every project is different, optimal plant design requires experience and an intimate knowledge of which technology should be applied in any given situation. Grannus has developed deep and lasting connections with EPC companies, technology providers and equipment providers/fabricators that allow it to create optimal plant designs and correct technology choices that meet our customers’ and stakeholders’ needs. Having these connections allows Grannus to create successful consortiums to deliver projects on time and on budget with high reliability. Grannus is engaged in every part of the development process from the first step on the site, to the process sketch, contracting, Front End Design, delivery and operations. Just as each component interacts with the other, each stage of the project execution interacts with the other. Building a consortium and maintaining a consistent narrative with talented resources will deliver a strong project on time and on budget.

Project Management and Plant Commissioning

Good project management practice is key to successful development, commissioning and ongoing operations. Grannus’ project management processes were honed in the nuclear and energy spaces and have consistently delivered projects to financial close and operations through the efficient use of development funds tied to clear work scopes, deliverables and milestones. Grannus’ principals have had various roles in over 100 projects with more than 60 plants commissioned into operations. Experience “knowing what works” has created a continuous feedback loop in “root cause analysis”. Experience in operations and maintenance has allowed for feedback to improve construction and development, which has, in-turn, improved contracting and project origination.